Hi, I am Vineet, an Architect+Interaction Designer currently studying Interaction Design at Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT Bombay. I aim to design innovative, needful, usable and human centered products.

My research interest lies in Augmented/ Mixed/ Virtual Reality and I have worked on various projects in AR/MR/VR. Currently, I am working on a project based on Collaborative Mixed Reality, which aims to design a platform to enhance the collaborative working in AEC Industry (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) using Mixed Reality.

I have done my bachelors in Architecture and my bachelor thesis was based on redesigning/redefining a museum experience using augmented reality. Recently, I interned with Siemens R&D, India as a UX research Intern. I worked on a project "Enhancing Situational Awareness using Augmented Reality" and also other small AR based projects.